Relax… You’re in safe hands

Everyone is a little nervous before a waxing session, especially if it’s their first time.

To help you with any questions you might have and to put you at ease, here are a few of my top tips along with the most commonly asked questions.


  • Avoid  having a really hot shower or bath prior to coming for your wax as it can create too much heat in the skin. Keep the temperature luke warm
  • Skin preparation is key, so start to the exfoliate the area and apply moisturiser daily for about  a week before your appointment
  • Do NOT apply body moisturiser the day of your wax
  • Avoid sunbeds for about a week before your appointment. If the skin is burnt I will not carry out the treatment. This is common around summer time and I’ve seen bikini lines red-raw from sunbed use and have had to send clients away
  • Wear lose comfy clothing particularly for intimate waxes. Avoid tight underwear or jeans as it may rub against your skin and irritate the area


Have a large glass of wine!
You may experience some slight redness, soreness, or small bumps after waxing particularly if you’re a first timer. Don’t worry this is perfectly normal and symptoms should subside after 24- to 48-hours.

Directly after your wax:

  • Do not exercise
  • Avoid heat and friction for 24 hours
  • Keep the area clean
  • When you get home put on fresh pants or remove them if you can, and make sure you wear loose bottoms for the rest of the day
  • Do not touch the area with unwashed hands
For 24- to 48-hours hours afterwards, avoid:
  • Exercise (yes, you cancel that spin class and not feel guilty)
  • Hot showers/baths (always make sure the water is luke warm)
  • Swimming, saunas, steam rooms, etc.
  • Sunbeds and using fake tan treatments
  • Avoid deodorants after underarm waxing treatments
  • Avoid body lotions and shower gels
  • Wash the area with an antibacterial gel such as Carex or tea tree
  • Apply Savlon or Sudocreme to the area for up to 3-days after your wax


Ingrown Hairs
When the hair is growing back it struggles to break through the skin and turns back on itself or grows to the side becoming trapped.
How to avoid them
The simple answer is to exfoliate at least 5-days each week and moisturise every day. This will get rid of dead skin cells and keep the skin soft and hydrated.
I always recommend Ruff Stuff, the fantastic sugar scrub for ingrown hairs that can be used every day.  My clients rave about it and refer to it as ‘the magic scrub’. Ruff Stuff is available to buy in the salon and retails for £12.
How long does my hair need to be before I can get waxed?

The hair should be the length of a grain of rice. So, if you’re a shaver you must leave the hair to grow for at least 3 weeks before you can get waxed. On the other hand, if you’re a waxer you must leave at least 4 weeks between waxing sessions. 

What is the difference between a hot and strip wax?

Hot wax (or hard wax as its sometimes known) is used for intimate and smaller sensitive areas such as bikini, underarms, and facial hair. The wax is applied, we wait for it to harden, and then its removed.

Strip wax is applied and removed with a paper strip, and is on larger areas such as legs, arms, and back. 

I never use strip wax for intimate areas – always hot wax. 

Will it hurt?

This is the number one question!

Firstly, ignore the horror stories. I am a professional with 17 years experience under my belt, so rest assure you will be getting the best wax with the best products.
Everyone has a different pain threshold. But remember, to get the smoothest results, the hair needs to be removed from the root, so there will be a tiny bit of discomfort, but only for a split-second. The more often you get waxed the easier it becomes and the less you will feel it. Clients always comment on this on their second wax.
I'm a waxing virgin!

Don’t worry! I’ll be gentle, I promise.

Its normal to feel nervous and I totally understand that. Please read through all the FAQ’S so that you are prepared you for your first treatment. 

I’ll do a full consultation with you before your treatment and talk you through everything so you know exactly what to expect.

And remember to stay calm—its only a wax ! 

After your first you will wonder why you never done it sooner.

How often should I wax?

For best results waxing should be done regularly. Every 4-5 weeks is optimal. The more frequent you wax the weaker the hair becomes resulting in it being softer to touch and more sparse.

Waxing only once or twice a year will not give the best results and you won’t reap the long term benefits that come with more regular sessions.

Should I trim before my appointment?

I usually tell clients to leave it to the experts. You may trim the hair too short or worse—trim something else!

Can I be waxed while on my period?

Yes, this is perfectly okay and it happens all the time so there’s no need to cancel your appointment for that reason.

I practice the highest standard of hygiene and wear surgical gloves. I also use a fresh spatula each time I touch the skin. You apply your clean tampon and we are good to go. But just be aware that your skin is likely to be slightly more sensitive around this time.

Can I be waxed while I'm pregnant?

If you are a regular waxer then it’s perfectly fine to continue with your monthly waxing routine. However if you are new to waxing I ask that you wait until after your first 12 weeks has passed before you book an appointment.

Please remember that your body will be more sensitive so getting waxed during your pregnancy might hurt slightly more than usual.

See Salon Policies.

I want to get waxed for my holiday

Plan ahead!

If you want smooth results that will last ,you will need to get at least 3 waxes done prior to going away so that way when you dare to bare you will stay smoother for longer. 

Waxy recommends Ruff Stuff skincare products

My clients rave about Ruff Stuff and refer to it as ‘the magic scrub’. Its a fantastic, vegan-friendly, sugar scrub for ingrown hairs and it can be used everyday.
Ruff stuff is available to buy in the salon and retails at £10.