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Hollywood (underwear removed)
Waxy’s speciality. All the hair is removed from the pubic region, labia and bum.
Brazillian (underwear removed)
Only a strip of hair left at the pubic mound. Hair is removed from labia and bum.
Including full butt cheeks.
Beach Babe (underwear removed)
Hair is left on the front of the bikini and on the labia but hair is removed from the bum. Picture wearing a thong and whatever hair pokes out is what is removed.
High Bikini (underwear on)
Hair is removed from the sides and the inner thigh, top of the bikini and anything that pokes out when you are wearing normal pants or bikini.
Basic Bikini (underwear on)
The hair is only removed from the side of the pants. Nothing is removed into the inner thigh or underneath.
Butt Crack

Waxing Packages

Full leg and Hollywood/Brazilian
Full leg and Beach Babe
Full leg, Hollywood/Brazilian and underarm
Half leg and Hollywood/Brazilian
Half leg Hollywood/Brazilian and underarm
High Bikini, half-leg and underarm
Full leg and High Bikini
Basic Bikini, half-leg and underarm

Male Waxing

NOTE: I do not offer male intimate waxing.

For all male waxing treatments and enquiries, please contact me in advance.

Full back, shoulders and neck
Full back and shoulders
includes three-quarters upper arms

LVL Lashes

What does LVL stand for?


LVL lash lift is a treatment for your natural lashes. Your lashes are lifted from the root to give the illusion of thicker, fuller lashes without the need to apply mascara. To add depth the lashes are also tinted.

If your a girl on the go or hate wearing mascara, this is the treatment for you. I literally cant live without them!!!

One less thing to do in the morning which means an extra ten minutes in bed. A quick comb through and you’re good to go.

Note: a 48-hour patch test is required, so please contact me as soon as you have booked so that I can arrange a time for your test.

Also note that I will not provide this treatment if you are pregnant.

LVL lashes

Upper Body

Full arm
Small of back
Full back

Lower Body

Three-quarter leg
Toes and feet included
Half leg
Toes and feet included
Full leg
Toes and feet included

Facial Waxing

Lip and chin
Sides of face
Full face


Brow tint
Eyelash tint
Eyebrow tint and shape
Eyelash, brow tint and shape

NOTE: I will not perform the treatment unless you take a 24-hour patch test even if you have had tinting elsewhere.

Please contact me as soon as you have booked a tinting appointment so that I can arrange your patch test.