Glasgow’s Award-winning Waxing Expert

Meet Lyn

Lyn O’Brien, Waxing Superstar and Salon owner

I’m from Dublin but I’ve lived in Scotland for 20 years, so I like to think of myself as a quarter Scottish. My loves in life are simple: family, friends and of course WAXING!

I have worked in the beauty industry for 17 years and I’m skilled in every aspect of beauty therapy. But waxing is my true passion and it’s where I excel, so I decided to dedicate myself to this part of the industry. My goal was to specialise in waxing and become a Waxing Expert.

With two business awards to my name and so many loyal clients, many of whom have become friends, I feel that my hard word and dedication has been worth it. So thank you, everyone for keeping me so busy doing the job I love.

How it all began

I started my business in June 2015 in the basement of Rock ‘n’ Rollers hair salon on Pollokshaws Road. Back then my salon was known as House of Beauté. 

It was tough in the early days and I worked seven days a week to build my business. But the effort paid off and word spread quickly about my salon and my waxing skills. Before long, my client list began to grow and with loads of five star reviews to my name, I was soon in high demand and my appointments schedule became fully booked every week.

With almost two decades in the business, I felt it was time to spread my wings a bit wider and go after my ultimate goal of having my own premises dedicated to waxing. Fate intervened and a suitable premises became available just five-minutes along the road.

It wasn’t easy to leave my friends at Rock ‘n’ Rollers, but I knew it was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up.

Waxy O’Brien is born

I rebranded and changed the name of my business to something that people would remember and which best represented me as a person and what I was known best for—my waxing skills and being Irish. And so Waxy O’Brien came into being in February 2018.

My aim in setting up Waxys was not only to provide a personal top-class service with 5-star treatments, but to create a relaxing, friendly environment where my clients could feel comfortable and  look forward to their appointments.

It was the right decision and I have never looked back. My business went on to win two awards, with more to come.

If you’re new to Waxy’s and slightly nervous about coming to see me, DON’T BE! After 5 minutes we will be lost in the banter and you will forget all about the waxing. Trust me.

I can’t wait to meet you,

Lyn, x

For a five star experience book your appointment today and start your waxing journey with me, Glasgow’s Award-winning Waxing Expert.