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If you plan to visit us for a waxing treatment, please remember that you will need at least three-weeks hair growth from shaved, or four-weeks growth since your last wax treatment. If you attend for a pre-booked appointment without sufficient growth we will be unable to carry out the treatment and you will incur a charge.


If you cancel your appointment with less than 48hrs notice half the treatment cost will be charged.

If you don't show up for an appointment the full cost of the treatment will be charged.

Be aware that if you use email to notify us of your intention to cancel, we will not read it until the start of the next business working day so please take that into consideration when contacting us.

Please note this is a strict cancellation policy which we will not vary..

LVL Lashes and Tinting

A 48-hour patch test is required before these treatments can be carrried out, so please contact us straight away when booking these treatments to arrange a test.


Answers to common questions

1What's the difference between hot wax and strip wax?
Hot wax is used for intimate and sensitive areas such as: the face, underarms, and bikini line.

An oil is applied to hydrate and protect the skin, then the wax is applied. It is peeled off after it has cooled.

The wax 'shrink-wraps' the hair and pulls it from then root which results in fewer ingrown hairs and a silky smooth finish. The treatment is less uncomfortable than strip waxing.

Strip wax is applied and removed using a paper strip. We use it on larger areas such as the legs , arms, back, and chest. Strip wax is never used to carry out an intimate wax.
2How long does the hair have to be before I can get waxed?
You must leave your hair to grow for at least three weeks from shaved, but the longer you are prepared to allow it to grow, the longer lasting the results will be.

If you have previously undergone a wax treatment we advise waiting at leat four weeks until you book another appointment.
3This is my first time...
If this is your first time getting waxed please be aware your hair will grow back slightly quicker due to second growth coming through after shaving. It will take at least three waxes for the hair to grow back in the same growth cycle before you get that super smooth finish.
4I'm going on holiday...
Lucky you...! But if you want to come for a waxing treatment then you'll need to plan ahead and get at least three waxes beforehand. That way, when you dare to bare, the hair will stay away for longer.
5Should I trim before my appointment?
No... Leave it to the experts!

If hair is trimmed too short we may not be able to wax and your weeks of patient waiting and growing will have been wasted.
6How long will my waxing last?
Once you are in a good waxing routine you should get two weeks hair-free before any signs of regrowth. The more regularly you wax, the more the hair begins to slow down and the weaker the roots become. Waxing then becomes becomes much easier and less painful.
7How often should I have waxing treatments?
It really depends on how quickly your hair grows, but we generally say every four to five weeks.

This fits with the natural hair growth cycle and gives the best results.

Over a period of time when the hair really slows down, waxing appointments can be pushed back to between six and eight weeks.
8Will it hurt?
This is the most frequently asked question...

Pay no attention to the horror stories—you will be in the hands of the Southside's best-qualified and experienced waxing specialist.

Everyone is different, and we all have different pain thresholds. Yes, there will be a brief discomfort as the hair is removed, but only for a fraction of a second.

Waxing treatments become much easier the more frequently you have them.
9How should I prepare for my wax treatment?
Lyn suggests that you exfoliate three or four days before your appointment to allow any trapped hairs to come to the surface.

Wear soft, loose, comfy clothing.

If you will be coming straight from work, or if you won't have time to freshen up, don't worry—we provide wipes.
10Can I get waxed during my period?
Yes, that's not a problem.

We practice the highest standard of hygiene. We wear surgical gloves at all times, and we never, ever double-dip the spatula.

Wear a clean tampon and we will be good to go, but be aware that your skin will be slightly more sensitive around this time.
11Can I get waxed while I'm pregnant?
It’s completely fine to carry out your waxing routine while pregnant, although you will be slightly more sensitive during this time.
12Is there anything I can't do after waxing?
In the 24-hours following your treatment, Lyn advises that you:

  • avoid hot showers and baths
  • don't go to the sauna, swimming pool, or for any kind of heat treatment
  • don't exercise
  • don't apply fake tan

Remember to keep the waxed area clean and avoid lotions, deodorants, pefumes and anything that is likely to irritate your skin.

Lyn always applies specialist post-wax products on the waxed area to cool and calm the skin, so you don't need to.

After your treatment you will not be able to sing like Eva Cassidy (unless you could before).
13What should I do between waxes?
It's very important to follow a good aftercare routine in order to keep the skin looking good and to avoid those pesky ingrown hairs.

Lyn recommends exfoliating two to three times a week with a skin brush or exfoliating mitt.

Applying a small amount of baby oil and moisturiser to the area after bathing keeps the skin hydrated and allows the hair to break through the surface much more easily.
14I have a low pain threshold
If you are no good with pain we recommend taking two Ibuprofen half-an-hour before your waxing appointment.
15Actually, I had another question...
If there's anything else you want to know, then please get in touch with Lyn and she'll be pleased to help.

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